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30-seconds | Butterfly Click Test

30 Seconds mode of butterfly clicking is for gamers who want to become a pro in the gaming world. Practice daily using this mode and don't let the real gamer inside you die. Learn the 30-seconds butterfly click technique to become a pro at clicking.







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Welcome on entering a bit difficult mode of butterfly click test where time interval increases, increasing the intricacy of the test. Once you master the 30-seconds butterfly click test mode, you move a step forward in becoming a pro.

Tips to master the butterfly clicking technique

Taking the butterfly clicking test is very straightforward. Here are some hacks users may try for mastering the butterfly clicking technique:

  • Focus on improving your score. In the beginning, if you fail to score higher, do not lose hope. Instead, focus on improving your click score to master it.
  • Be aware of using an appropriate mouse to boost your clicking ability. Mostly the gaming mouse is preferable for providing an efficient clicking experience. Avoid using a laptop cursor.
  • Position your hands properly to get a proper grip while clicking. If the hand placement is appropriate, then you are good to go.
  • Stay calm while practicing it. Getting frustrated spoils your clicking technique and ruins all your strategies. Therefore stay calm and take the test without stressing.
  • The most crucial hack for mastering the butterfly clicking method is Practice!! Nothing can be achieved without consistent practice. Take the butterfly click test and practice it regularly to improve your click score result and become a pro at clicking.

Welcome To The Butterfly Click Speed Test!

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