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Butteryfly Clicking | Butterfly Click Test

Welcome the best idle click speed test game: butterfly clicking, where you can learn how to do butterfly clicks and improve your click speed test score






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Every new gamer always wonders how one can click that fast and speedily to beat his opponent! But, here are the secrets of every pro gamer. They never use the traditional clicking techniques anyway. But, they have developed various clicking techniques that let them clicking faster than ever before.

These clicking techniques have specially developed from the cps test, which is nothing but calculating the click speed test for the user. Thus, the click test is nothing but testing how many clicks the user can do with the mouse within the given time frame.

In that idle clicking games, click speed test online games, the new clicking tests have been found, like kohi click test, jitter click test, and butterfly click test.

What is butterfly clicking?

The butterfly click test is another more convenient and speedy mode of calculating a user's clicking speed. At regular clicking, the user uses it's one finger on the mouse button but, at butterfly clicking, it is different.

At butterfly clicking, you need to place two of your finger on the mouse button to click. This clicking technique is more stable than any other clicking technique like jitter clicking.

At many of the clicking techniques, you may hurt your arm or wrist. But, butterfly clicking is the safest way of clicking speedily and score more.

How do you do Butterfly Clicking?

It is all about the technique! The more you practice, the more you become perfect in it. These types of clicking methods mostly use in Minecraft gaming to complete the levels or beat the opponent quickly.

To do butterfly clicks, the user needs to use his best two fingers. The one is the index finger and the other lengthiest one near to it. Users place these two fingers on the mouse button and click as fast as they can!

Basically, the butterfly clicking helps us to register the double clicks than usual to score more cps.

It is the secret way for gamers to gain quick results. And of course, it needs a lot of practice to become perfect in it.

How to use Butterfly Click Test?

Remember, this is very simple and easy to take this butterfly click test. But before, you need to learn how to do butterfly clicking. Just follow the steps below:

Step1: Use your browser and google for

Step2: After visiting the official website, go to the clicking panel.

Step3: Select the timer you want, from a 1-second click test to 100 seconds. But, by default, it is set to a 5-seconds click test.

Step4: You can begin your test by start clicking on the clicking panel.

Step5: Receive your clicking result with your rank and click speed test score.

How to get better at butterfly clicking?

To master the butterfly clicking technique, you need to be very consistent in clicking. For example, you need to click the mouse button two times with your lengthier finger and one time with your index finger.

It always got to be consistent at tapping the button. But, if you are a beginner at butterfly clicking, you will get tired sometimes. But don't worry! We assure you when you become perfect, nobody can stop you to score more than 20 clicks in one second.

Remember, this is a different technique from jitter click and kohi click. Here, you need to use equal pressure on both of your fingers. That only makes it different and will never hurt your arm or wrist.

How does butterfly clicking work?

There are many cps improvement techniques available but, the butterfly clicking makes it unique with its clicking technique, and zero risk factor.

Some important factors:

  • Best CPS Score: You can achieve the best cps result you ever achieved! It is a more favorable clicking technique than others.
  • Zero risk factor:Practicing butterfly click test will overcome your physical risk factors. Here you use two of your fingers at a time so, there is no issue comes to hurt your arm and wrist tissues.
  • Easy to learn:The butterfly clicking technique is easy to learn, even for beginners. But, you need to be consistent at learning to become perfect and achieve your goals.

Frequently Ask Questions

How to butterfly click in Minecraft?

A perfect clicking technique can help you achieve your Minecraft gaming goal. The ideal mouse butterfly clicking needs to master your mouse grip first. To do successful butterfly clicking at Minecraft, you need to take total control over your mouse. Keep your mouse fixed between the thumb and the pinky finger. And drive as many clicks as you can do with your index and lengthier finger.

The butterfly clicking is one of the greatest way clicking techniques, where you can score the highest cps than any other clicking technique.

It is always "OK" to do butterfly clicking at any of your favorites idle games. At Minecraft, many experts suggested that not to cross the highest cps limits.

To achieve your best cps with Butterfly clicking, you need to use the best gaming mice. Your mice should be properly fixed between your palm grip. If you are a gamer with a large hand, you can use this best gaming mouse for large hands.

According to experts:

  1. Razer DeathAdder V2
  2. Razer Basilisk X

These are the best gaming mice to make your butterfly clicking successful.

How to butterfly click?

The Butterfly clicking technique is much better and far different from any ordinary clicking technique.

It's all about how you grab the mouse between your palm and which fingers you use for clicking.

To perform the butterfly click test, you fix your mice between your thumb and pinky finger. Here, the user uses his two fingers, the index finger, and the lengthier finger to click. Users need to be so consistent at clicking alternatively with the index finger and the lengthier finger.

As per the gaming experts, butterfly clicking is better than any other clicking method. But, they also say the techniques like jitter and butter clicking can give you the same result with scoring.

But, there is one major difference that is butterfly clicking is the safest clicking method. It does not let you be a victim of any serious wrist or hand injuries.

It does not matter to Hypixel gaming what specialize technique you use for playing. If it is a butterfly or any other ordinary clicking technique?

Hypixel only bans those who use any third-party software for clicking. But, we only want you to recommend that, do not cross the cps limit of 20 clicks per second.


Welcome To The Butterfly Click Speed Test!

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