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15-seconds | Butterfly Click Test

Practice butterfly clicks daily with 15-seconds mode and tries to break your own CPS record. This mode is for an average user to increase clicking speed.







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What makes the 15-seconds butterfly click test tool unique is its appealing features.

The 15-seconds butterfly click test is nothing but an advanced intermediate mode compared to the previous one. As soon as the time interval increases, the complex the butterfly click game becomes. It is designed to amplify the difficulty level of the butterfly click test. Gamers in search of defeating their rivals use this mode, taking one step closer to their win.


What makes this 15-seconds butterfly click test tool better than any other click tool? The answer to this question is the features that make this tool so special in itself.

  • A simple-to-use interface, making it convenient for the users to take the butterfly clicking test.
  • Compatibility with all web browsers so that the tool is effortlessly accessible to all users.
  • Providing instant and precise clicking results at your fingertips.
  • Dark mode availability makes it favorable for the users to take our test even at night without putting much strain.
  • The tool has a safe, free-from malware environment for maintaining our user's privacy.
  • It aims at consistently improving the butterfly click rate by letting the users take the test several times.
  • The tool generates shareable results, which users may show to their friends.

These are the features that make our 15-Seconds butterfly test a worth playing game. So without squandering much of your time, take our 15-second butterfly click test today only.


Welcome To The Butterfly Click Speed Test!

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