Butterfly clicking is a different method of clicking faster than average. This method requires using two fingers to perform clicking action.

Using Butterfly clicking, you can practice clicking and improve your click per second for gaming. We design this tool for e-sports players who are at their initial stage of gaming. Our tool helps them to improve their gaming skills.

Most shooting games require fast clicking to shoot your opponent. In such gaming conditions, the person with higher CPS wins the game. Using our website- ButterflyClicking, you can easily achieve gamer's CPS by practice and putting in some effort. Our tool provides you the various option for clicking practice. You can choose any practice-based mode as per your preference.

Our website uses lightweight coding so that the user experiences no lag while playing the game. The development team has given their best to make the tool responsive and designers were not afraid to design UI/UX better than other Click Test tools. Our work is continuous in making tools more advance and user-friendly. We are working continuously with the purpose of building a fun-loving gaming community.

Finally, we don't want to make money from our users. Our games are free to play and available for all. You do not need to pay us to practice and eventually increase your clicking speed. Also, we don't ask you to register or reveal your personal identity on our website in order to practice the butterfly clicking method. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. To report any bugs in-game, contact us for a quick fix.


Welcome To The Butterfly Click Speed Test!

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