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10-seconds | Butterfly Click Test

Play this 10-sec butterfly clicking mode to Fight with an opponent player in-game. Defeat your competition and prove your CPS speed. Register higher clicks on your fingertips by taking the 10-seconds butterfly click test.







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The 10-seconds click test is designed for users to move ahead with the desire to master the butterfly click test and become a pro at clicking. Often referred to as the intermediate mode, one which users give after completion of the beginner mode.

How to use our 10 Seconds Butterfly Clicking tool?

Enhancing your clicking ability using our 10-seconds butterfly click test is made convenient by following these easy-to-do steps:

  • Open any browser of your choice as our tool is compatible with all web browsers.
  • Launch our webpage ButterflyClicking.Com
  • Take a glance at the importance of the butterfly click test, its benefits, and its features when the page launches.
  • Here you will find various butterfly clicking modes for beginners, intermediates, and pro users.
  • Once you choose 10 Seconds of the clicking modes, a new page pops up.
  • To proceed with your test, hit the 'Click Me now' button.
  • Your test begins now. Try your best to register as many clicks as you can in the given period.
  • Keep a look at the above timer while taking the butterfly click test.
  • Once the test ends, your results are in front of your screen. It shows the number of clicks the users were able to register in the specified time.

Welcome To The Butterfly Click Speed Test!

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