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100-seconds | Butterfly Click Test

Daily gaming for long hours requires clicking continuously. It can be boring and make you exhausted. Practice with 100-seconds mode and be a tireless gamer.







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Last level of mastering the butterfly clicking technique. Take our 100-seconds click test and enjoy a pleasant, speedy clicking experience.

Kudos to all of the users to reach this last level of the butterfly click test. It is the most complex butterfly click mode which tests one's actual clicking ability. It is the mode that tests your patience and ability to click efficiently for a long-lasting period.

The various butterfly clicking technique modes

To make it convenient for the users to practice the butterfly click test step by step, it is categorized into three simple modes:

  • The Beginner mode: If you are a beginner with a desire to master the butterfly click technique, begin by taking the 1-seconds butterfly click mode followed by the 5-seconds butterfly click test. Keep practicing these simple modes to polish your clicking skills.
  • Intermediate Mode: Once the beginners polish their clicking skills, they move further to the intermediate clicking modes, where the time interval is increased, enhancing the complexity of the test. The 10-seconds, 15-seconds, and 20-seconds butterfly click modes fall in the intermediate butterfly clicking category.
  • The difficult mode: The last and the substantial butterfly click mode. In this category, users master the butterfly clicking test by checking how fast they may click for a prolonged period. The 30-seconds butterfly click test, along with the 60-seconds and 100-seconds click test, makes the users master the butterfly clicking technique and become a pro at clicking.

Welcome To The Butterfly Click Speed Test!

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