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1-second | Butterfly Click Test

Start to learn butterfly clicking technique in 1-second mode. This mode is for beginners to practice daily and increase CPS. Amplify your clicking speed with our 1-second Butterfly Click Test.







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What is the Butterfly clicking technique?

Are you in search of enhancing your clicking speed to the next level? Then try our 1-second butterfly click test. Invented in 1947 by Joseph Jitter, the Butterfly click test is about practicing and registering more and more clicks using your two fingers, generally the long finger and index finger.

It is a handy clicking technique users may practice regularly to strengthen their clicking speed. Jitter clicking is a similar technique used to intensify a user's clicking speed.

The only difference is that in Jitter clicking, users strain their arm muscles and generate vibration to the fingers for clicking, which, when practiced continuously, leads to muscle fatigue, whereas, in Butterfly clicking technique, users use any two fingers. Additionally, this technique is safe to practice without causing any severe hand injury.

Butterfly clicking is preferable over others because, in any normal clicking method, you click using a single finger which is rather time-consuming, but in butterfly clicking, users make use of any of their two fingers while clicking, which intensifies their clicking ability. The technique seems burdensome, but when practiced consistently with complete dedication, users can master this and become pro at butterfly clicking where nobody can stop them from registering more clicks.

The 1-second butterfly click test is for beginners who are in search of polishing their clicking skills. Users can test their clicking ability the number of clicks they are capable of registering in one second. So why are you still wondering? Give the 1-second butterfly click test today itself and experience a speedy, convenient clicking experience.


Welcome To The Butterfly Click Speed Test!

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